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Monthly TDS Deduction Declaration
Monthly TDS Deduction Declaration

Dear Consumer,

As Consumer filed declaration regarding turnover of your PAN above 10 crs. Hence, going to deduct TDS @0.1% on purchase of goods as specified by provisions of section 194 Q of Income Tax Act 1961. MSEDCL is not going to charge TCS u/s 206C (1H).

MSEDCL developed this window to facilitate to the consumer for conveying the details of TDS deducted by you on energy bills. It will facilitate you for non-reporting of short payment due to TDS deduction, non-getting of system generated notices to you due to TDS deduction and for continue your incentives, discounts and non-charging of Delayed Payment Charges etc.

You are requested to fill up the details as per instruction.:

1. TDS amount should be fill up and submitted on or before due date to take the effect in next billing cycle.

2. If you fail to submit the TDS details, system will generate disconnection notice for short payment.

3. Consumer need to fill up the TDS amount against the particular bill month. E.g If Consumer deducted TDS from the July 21 bill issued in August 21, then Consumer have to fill up TDS amount against July 21 months bill only.

4. If Consumer not submitted TDS deduction amount till next bill generation then the same amount will be added in your next bill as arrears.

5. The TDS details submitted by you will be posted against your energy bill.

6. For group consumers with same PAN, bulk upload facility is provided. Download the XLS and fill up the Taxable amount for TDS, TDS amount and upload the same.

7. The amount submitted as TDS is required to deposit to Government treasury and file the returns as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

8. Consumer required to issue TDS certificate in form 16 A as per provisions of the Income Tax Act.

9. The amount of TDS deducted submitted by Consumer should get matched with the amount shown in form 16.

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