Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd.

R-APDRP Part B Scheme details

GoI funded scheme to erect and commission new infrastructures such as New Sub-stations, Additional Power Transformers, Erection of New and augmentation of DTCS with associated HT LT Lines, etc. and also includes Up-gradation and Modernization of existing infrastructure to the prospective consumers.
  1. Meeting Load Growth
  2. Enhancing network
  3. Up-gradation of existing system
  4. Providing reliable & quality supply
  5. Reduction in Dist. Loss
  6. Reduction in Dist. Tr. Failure Rates.
  • Towns Covered -> 120 Nos
  • Scheme sanction date -> Feb -2012
  • Scheme Sanctioned Amount -> 2922.43 Crs
  • Expenditure against RAPDRP Part B : Rs 2234.95* Crs
* Excluding Part B SCADA Component Expenditure, all Material Advance recovered, penalties and other recoveries

Zonewise Progress